24th of December 2022

If you would like to be notified whenever I publish new content, you can now subscribe to my RSS feed. I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas.

21st of December 2022

When Software Updates Go Bad

Who remembers Bad Girls Australia? They were an adult entertainment group in the '90s. Their advertising slogan was "When they're good, they're good. But when they're bad, they're sensational!" Whenever I think about software updates, I'm reminded of that slogan, albeit turned on its head so it goes something like "When they're good, they're good. But when they're bad, they're your worst nightmare!"

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16th of November 2022

I've made the following changes to the Stunts Custom Cars section:

15th of November 2022

I was recently asked to share my fixes for various custom cars for Stunts, so I've added the Stunts Custom Cars section. I've also added the following items to the Downloads section:

I created the Winamp 95 skin in 1999, so I thought I'd make it available for all the die-hard Winamp users out there!

31st of August 2022

OneWaySynchronize To The Rescue!

Recently I required a command-line program to perform a one-way synchronisation, also known as a mirror. For this kind of task, you might think that I'd be spoilt for choice, and you'd be right, except that the destination was a WebDAV server.

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24th of June 2022 has launched! There isn't much here at the moment, but hopefully that will change in the future.